If you’re looking for a high security key cabinet which can contain keys from 100 – 1300, and some of the cabinets come with a partition wall which swings in and out of the cabinet for access to your keys. This is the ideal product for a medium to large business, which needs a good facilities management service managing their keys.

The high security nature of this device means that it is not particularly cheap, but if price isn’t really an issue then the heightened security could put your mind at ease.

Choice of locking mechanisms:

Manual key operated:
A standard mechanical locking mechanism, which comes supplied with two keys (the lock is operated by a handle and engages 9 dead bolts on closing).

Combination locking mechanism:
This type of locking mechanism uses a rotary single combination dial; this is a keyless locking mechanism so no keys or replacement keys are supplied.

Digital electronic keypad locking mechanism:
The electronic keypad is capable of 10,000,000 key code possibilities making it the highest security lock type supplied with this model (also operated with a handle for easy opening).


High Security Door:
The door on this device is made out of high quality galvanised steel and is 20 millimetres thick and engages a total of 9 bolts around the door heightening the security of the key cabinet.

Body of the Cabinet:
The body of the key cabinet has been highly tested with EN-1 meaning that the device has been heat, drop and explosion tested ensuring that it is secure enough for your keys to be safe even the most extreme circumstances.

Accessories Supplied:
The cabinet comes supplied with a fixed number of hooks depending on what size model you order and they come with tags for your keys. If your device is key or electronic keypad operated 2 keys are supplied and with the electronic keypad locking mechanism the keys are used as an emergency override.

Fixings are the best secure features for your art
The cabinets are all fully wall mountable and come supplied with fixings are suitable for most walls. It can be mounted as a 4 x 4 galvanised wall box

Overall this is a highly designed and manufactured key cabinet and is great for a company that needs to make sure their keys are secure. If you put aside the price which is quite extraordinarily steep with comparison with others on the market which can cost as little as R500, the cabinet is quite simply one of the best on the market.